Entirety transaction of our index product (futures contract of Hong Kong and Japan Stocks Index) noted in Jakarta Futures Exchange, client fidelity fund (margin) submitted to Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House, and the transaction is directly observed by BAPPEBTI (Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency).


2.Online Trading Facility

With the progress of the existing technology, and to give the client satisfaction and conformability in doing the transaction, the client is able to conduct his/her transaction through out internet access, and also capable to monitor his/her account on transaction screen every time.


3.Daily transaction report

Every day investor will get an Account Statement of client comprising about transaction done by the investor; thereby the investor could always see their investment advance.


4.Fund Security and Safety Guarantee

PT. Solid Gold Futures, is a very trusted financial company, this is preceded by the recognition of the members of the exchange, which submitted a letter of approval of members of the stock or in short with SPAB, which it says that "PT. Solid Gold Futures has officially become a member of Jakarta futures exchange ". Apart from the certification given by the exchange members for PT. Solid Gold Futures, this financial company has also gained legality that will certainly provide increased security for its customers and potential customers (investors).


5.A quick withdrawal process

Withdrawal process of investor fund through ordinary mechanism during three workdays (T+3), but PT. Solid Gold Berjangka attempt to process withdrawal of fund only during one day job activity only (T+1).


6.Professional brokerage official

PT. Solid Gold Berjangka is supported a professional brokerage official, national and overseas graduated, has reliable ability that is able to give any suggestion based on market analysis, either fundamentally or also technically to assist investor in taking a decision.


7.Research & Analyst Support

Shore up by market analyst, publishing a market report and technical analysis every time. We release the newest global stock market activities news and world economic events, accompanied by the indication of the price and able to browse the graphics through our website.

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