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Tables are mengiformasikan benchmark for product price movements and JPK50 HKK50 , multiple column serves as a market order and a limit order to open a new position (open position ) .

In the table " PRICES" there are some columns that serve as the order is :
a. Sell ​​/ Buy ( Market Order ) is click / button to go short order / purchase that must be implemented / executed at the best price that could be obtained at that time .
Example : if a market sell order click on the table will appear as below :

b . Order ( Limit Order ) is click / button to go short order / buy the first placed at the desired price level / certain restrictions ( minimum of 10 points and a maximum of 500 points from the price currently running it ) , and the limit order will be executed ( done ) when prices were walking on the limit order .
If the column order at the click will display a table like this :

Examples of ( prices HKK50 on the monitor screen SPA ) :
Sell ​​= 25 420
Buy = 25,440
To make transactions , HKK50 column to be filled are :
BUY at prices up to 25 450 to over 500 pts
SELL at prices up to 25 410 down 500 pts

are tables that provide order status information transaction ( Pending / Done ) when the execution price of using a Limit Order / Stop Loss .

Main : Used to return to the original display ( refresh or return to the main menu ) .
Trade History : recording transactions consist of : TradeID , Accounts , Items , Sell / Buy, Quantity , Time , New / Liq / Order , and Status .
Temporary Statement : while the transaction is a report based on the position of the last transaction of the user .
Daily Statement : featuring daily transaction reports in full on the day before ( T - 1 ) .
User Options : describes the status of the user and is used when you want to change the password .
News / Announcements: The following news adalahheadline contents , such as economic and business news relevant to the selected stock index development in some Asian stock markets and the world .
Logout : used when the user will exit a trading log / offline .

OPEN POSITIONS : is information indicating an opened position at the price , and the number of lots in the day had already implemented / executed and recorded in the online trading system .

GTC Order ( Liquidation )
Click column is used to limit orders to liquidate open positions exist .
When the column GTC Order ( Liq ) Open Positions in the table is clicked, it will display crate table below :

Buy / Sell ( Liquidation )
Click column is used for a market order to liquidate open positions by first selecting a position to be liquidated ( in the open position column on screen ) .
When the column Buy / Sell ( Liq ) Open Positions in the table is clicked, it will display a table like this :

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